The Next Civil War


The second American Civil War is in the making. While it is not clear when the war will begin, but it could likely occur in our lifetime. The vitriol between the Republican and Democratic Party, inflamed by the profit-driven media, is going to result in protests, riots, and possibly, revolution. One possible impetus could be the impeachment of Donald Trump; hence, the 2018 November midterm elections could be the most significant election of the century. If the Democrats win, they will do everything they can to impeach President Trump.

Major revolutions and uprisings do not take place over night though. Years, decades, and even centuries of growing tensions eventually erupt into violence; just look at the past.

The first American Civil War didn’t start in 1861; it started before the American Revolution. Though Thomas Jefferson – a slave owner – attempted to outlaw slavery in the Declaration of Independence, it was not accepted by the Founding Fathers. They knew it would create a division between various factions within the fragile colonies. As for the Constitution, it too could have freed the slaves, but the southern representatives would not accept such “extreme” measures. Those Founding Fathers who understood the immorality of slavery didn’t fight to abolish it; they thought it would gradually disappear.

It didn’t disappear though. With the invention of the cotton gin, demand for labor rose; The “peculiar institution” only became more ingrained in southern society. While abolitionist voices would get louder with the passing decades, nobody with power was taking the steps to free the African Americans in the south. From the Missouri Compromise to the Compromise of 1850 to Bleeding Kansas to Abraham Lincoln’s election, event after event occurred before Major Robert Anderson’s forces would fire the first shots over Fort Sumter initiating one of the bloodiest wars in American history.

Could that happen again or is this time “different”? Surely, times and situations are different now, but a divided country could take to arms again.

For the sake of the Republic, let’s hope Republicans and Democrats can resolve their differences.


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