Maya Civilization

The Maya Civilization was the first culture to organize on mass scale since the Neolithic Revolution took place in the Americas. Archaeological evidence puts the Yucatan Peninsula as one of the starting points of agricultural development in the Western Hemisphere. This phenomenon made it possible for hunters and gatherers to settle down in one place and organize societies. Within a few thousand years, farming towns developed into a great civilization that would influence cultures to follow.

The Mayans were in mesoamerica starting around 1500 B.C.E. and last till 900 C.E.; the Aztecs would not arrive for another three hundred years. Mysteriously, the Mayans would disappear. City-state after city-state would be abandoned. After 900 C.E., some city-states survived helping to spread their culture and ideas. From their knowledge of mathematics to astronomy, the Mayans were an advanced culture that could rival contemporaneous countries in Europe; countries that didn’t even know the New World existed.

Maya Notes


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